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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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108                      THE FATE OF MAN

the bursting forth of militant Nationalism we see
the universalization of mankind. The awakening
of the eastern nations, hitherto considered solely
as colonies, is a hard blow at Europe, first of all
in the economic sphere. But the colonies have
ceased to be the willing objects of capitalistic ex-
ploitation. The attitude of the Christian nations
of the West toward the non-Christian nations of
the East has been anything but Christian. The
resultant unpleasant associations have seriously
compromised Christianity in the whole world.
A few missionaries have demonstrated true
heroism and sanctity, but in general it has not
been a Christian face or attitude which the West
has shown toward the races of the East. And we
now have to pay for that mistake. Europe, in
so far as she remains Christian, must adopt a
Christian attitude toward the East, not that of the
exploiter. The white race can no longer play
the role of a superior civilizing agent to the
coloured races. The peoples of the East, Japanese,
Chinese, Indians have begun to adopt Western
civilization; they have become materialists, have
learned Nationalism from the West. And only in
a very small measure have they accepted the light
of Christian truth. The old religions of the East
are decaying. Even the Hindu, more spiritual
by far than the bourgeois and materialist West,
is losing his spirituality and becoming civilized.